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William Bon Chretian

William Bon Chretien (WBC) have rounded bell bottom with a distinctive shoulder and small stem giving them the ideal “pear figure”. They are an aromatic pear with mildly sweet flavour which can be enjoyed when the pear has a light yellow hue to it. If you prefer it with a crunch and a tangy flavour then eat it when it is green.

$27.50 | 5kg Carton

Also available in a 9kg Carton for $40.50

Medium approx. 50 per carton | Large approx. 40 per carton
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Pears contain no sodium or cholesterol and are a great source of fibre, foliate, vitamin C and potassium. An average pear contains about 100 calories.

WBC pears are wonderful fresh or baked. Great in chutneys, syrups, sauces and they also make excellent dried pears. Or simply serve them fresh with cheese or tossed through a salad with feta, pine nuts and a favourite dressing.

William Bon Chretien are available in February only

William Bon Chretien is the same as the Bartlett Pear which is the most commonly known pear in the United States. William Bon Chreteins were originally discovered in England by a schoolmaster name Mr Stair in 1765 and were first known as Stair’s Pear. Later on, a man named Williams later acquired the variety and introduced it to the rest of England as the William Bon Chretein, which translates to “Williams’ good Christian.”

Around 1799, Mr James Carter imported several Williams trees to the United States planting them on the Thomas Brewer Estate in Roxbury, Massachuetts. Later, Enoch Bartlett acquired the estate and propagated and introduced the variety under his own name without knowing the true variety. In 1828, new trees arrived from Europe and it was then that Bartlett and Williams were discovered as the same pear. By then the pear was already widely known in the United States as the Bartlett.

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