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Red Braeburn

Red Braeburn is very similar to Braeburn. It is an aromatic apple with an extremely juicy texture and a sweet-tart taste, but has a much redder colouring than the standard Braeburn apple.

$34.50 | 9kg Carton

Also available in a 5kg Carton for $23.99

Medium approx. 50 per carton | Large approx. 40 per carton
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Apples contain no cholesterol and provide a small amount of boron, sodium and vitamin A and C. They also offer potassium and pectin. An average-size apple contains about 80 calories.

The Red Braeburn apple is a little like the Cox's Orange Pippin. Due to its high acidity it makes a great cooking apple. Bake it into cakes, crumbles, tarts or preserves and sauces. It compliments well with savoury food such as pork or onions. Its sweet-tangy flavour also makes it great to eat fresh. Slice it into a garden or rice salad for a tasty, healthy meal. Keep dry and refrigerate until ready to eat or use.

Red Braeburn is available April through to December. It is stored in controlled atmosphere (CA) storage for the latter months of its availability.

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