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NZ Rose

NZ Rose is a spotted apple with a red rose flush across its skin. It is a very crisp, juicy apple with sweet flavours.

$16.99 | Small Carton

Also available in a Large Carton for $23.00

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Apples contain no cholesterol and provide a small amount of boron, sodium and vitamin A and C. It also offers potassium and pectin. An average-size apple contains about 80 calories

Due to its sweetness this apple is beautiful fresh but is also great baked. Enjoy it fresh in fruit salads or added to children’s lunch boxes as their healthy snack. Bake it into an apple and raspberry shortcake or individual apple pies for a sensational dessert.

This apple is available from mid-April to December.

New Zealand Rose is native to New Zealand, developed by a cross between gala and splendor varieties.

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