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NZ Rose & Packhams Triumph Mix!

9kg Carton: approx. 4.5kg NZ Rose apples and approx 4.5kg Packham Pears

5kg Carton: approx. 2.5kg NZ Rose Apples and approx 2.5kg Packham Pears

Please Note: The fruit in the 5kg carton is loose packed and the weight may vary slighty.

$16.99 | Small Carton

Also available in a Large Carton for $23.00

Medium approx. 50 per carton | Large approx. 40 per carton
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NZ Beauty provides a small amount of boron, sodium and vitamin A and C and contains no cholesterol. It also offers pectin, a great dietary fibre. An average-size apple contains about 80 calories.

This apple is best used fresh. It is a great addition to a lunch box or salad. Slice it up and add it to a tossed garden salad or fruit salad.

NZ Beauty is native to New Zealand; they are a cross between Royal Gala and Splendour.

All prices in NZD and include GST.