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Royal Gala

Royal Gala is an aromatic fruit with attractive vibrant colouring. It has vibrant red stripes over a creamy yellow skin. It offers a juicy crunch and a sweet flavour. This apple is considered to be the sweetest of all.

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$27.50 | 5kg Carton

Also available in a 9kg Carton for $40.50

Medium approx. 50 per carton | Large approx. 40 per carton
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This apple contains no cholesterol and a small amount of boron, sodium and vitamin A and C. It also offers potassium and pectin. An average-size apple contains about 80 calories.

Royal Galas are great fresh or baked. Excellent for making a range of sweet foods, such as, pies, tarts, shortcakes, sauces, cakes, cookies and muffins. Apple flavour and texture also works marvellously with savoury dishes. Sliced or cut apples can be prevented from going brown by being lightly brushed with water and lemon juice. Small sized Royal Galas are great for children’s school lunches. To store, keep apples in the refrigerator. This apple stores well.

Royal Gala is available in mid-February to late March. They are available from controlled atmosphere storage for the rest of the year.

The Royal Gala is proudly native and was developed by a cross between Kidd’s Orange Red and Golden Delicious to New Zealand. It was named in honour of the Queen during her visit to New Zealand. Royal Galas were introduced into the United States in the early 1970s and continue to gain popularity in American markets.

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