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Packham's Triumph

Packham pears have a bumpy green skin which develops a yellow cast when fully ripe. It is a perfumed pear and its flesh is delectably sweet and juicy.

$15.99 | Small Carton

Also available in a Large Carton for $21.99

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The Packham pear is sodium and cholesterol free, is a great source of fibre and offers foliate, vitamin C and potassium. An average pear contains about 100 calories.

Packham pears are great eaten fresh in a garden or fruit salad or baked/poached. They make a delicious dessert when poach in red wine and also compliment savoury foods well, such as on a cracker with cheese or sliced with char grilled chicken. Packham’s are known as the 'best bottler' for pears. They are slow to ripen, taking three to seven days to fully ripen at room but the ripening process can be speed up by placing the fruit in a paper bag, Once ripe they will keep at room temperature for about week and up to a month in the refrigerator.

New Zealand Packham's are available February to October.

Packham Triumph originated from Australia. Packham is a fairly energetic tree which grows upright. Extra pollination is required as bees are not particularly attracted to its flowers.

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