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Beurre Bosc

The Bosc's shape is very different to other pears; it has a long tapering neck and lengthy stem with colouring ranging from a deep yellowish-brown to a dark tan. Its skin is brushed with bronze russet and hasa succulent flesh which tastes sweetly spicy. Bosc pears establish their sweetness before other pears do in their ripening process therefore they can be eaten before their flesh is soft.

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$25.50 | 5kg Carton

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Medium approx. 50 per Carton | Large approx. 40 per Carton
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Like all pears the Bosc provide a good source of vitamin C, foliate and dietary fibre and a medium sized pear contains less than 100 calories. The vitamin C is mainly in the skin of the fruit therefore the pear is best eaten unpeeled. Along with potassium and iron, pears offer pectin which is a soluble fibre which helps to administer cholesterol levels.

The Bosc is prefect for cooking due to its sturdy dense flesh, especially poaching, sauteing or baking. It compliments well; freshly sliced on a cheese platter or enjoy it slowly roasted then served with Greek yoghurt and sugared almonds. Keep this pear at room temperature until ripe then refrigerate.

Bosc pears are generally available for most of the year. (CA stored for the latter months).

Bosc pears are thought to have first originated in France and introduced to the eastern United States in the early 1830s.

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