Healthy Kids at Healthy Schools

What is this about? At FruitDirect we are passionate about the upcoming generation in New Zealand which is why we are offering to help you generate extra profits for your school. From every carton of apples, pears or juice you buy we are willing to give a $2 rebate to a school of your choice.

How do I order? Select from our range of succulent pears, premium apples and irresistible juices then proceed to the checkout to complete your order and enter your school’s specific code. To find out how to receive your school’s code, see the next question below.

What is my school’s code? Click here and enter the name of the school you would like to support and we will send you the code for that particular school. This code needs to be entered in the coupon code area at the checkout when ordering online or stated when ordering by phone.

When does the money get paid to the school? Rebates are paid to each school on a monthly basis.

Want your school to be part of the FruitDirect ‘Healthy Kids at Healthy Schools’ program? Get the trustees or fundraising committee of your school to let us know that you want to be part of our program by ringing us on 0800 70 40 70 or submit an enquiry via our website by clicking here and we’ll have you onboard in no time!

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