We are a family owned & operated orchard in sunny Nelson, and have been growing and selling fruit for over 3 generations.

Our Love.
FruitDirect is a company built by people who have a love for quality produce and wanted to share it with other New Zealanders.  We want everyone in New Zealand to be able to have the opportunity of receiving fresh, excellent quality fruit on their doorstep.

Our Fruit.
Our fruit is sourced from only the best of growers and all growers are situated in Nelson, which is renowned for its high sunshine hours and extraordinary taste in pip fruit.  To ensure we bring you the quality fruit we are committed to the NZ GAP (Good Agricultural Practice)and all our fruit is on a limited spray programme to prevent disease, pests etc.  Our fruit is not organic.

Who Needs Us The Most.
We target families with a desire to provide their family with the best produce at an affordable price, businesses with a health conscious ethos and staff, individuals with a fruit and juice addiction and rural dwellers who, due to their location, find it difficult to access quality produce.

Our Guarantee.
We guarantee you only get the best and to ensure this we have a very streamlined process between the orchard and you, the customer.  The fruit is picked from the tree, packaged to suit your requirements and then delivered to your door.  From leaving our premises your product should reach you within five days.  This process eliminates much of the handling which occurs between the tree and other retail outlets, and by removing this extra handling we can provide you with a much better quality product for a very competitive price.

If your order arrives and it is not how you expected, let us know and we will send you a replacement carton FREE of charge!*  Conditions Apply.  Please see our Terms & Conditions.


To offer you the most affordable prices we keep a close eye on the market prices of the retail stores and supermarkets throughout NZ and do our utmost to beat or match it where we can.
…And don’t forget, at these prices it is also delivered FREE* to your doorstep!


Our mission

To deliver quality, fresh fruit directly to the consumers door in a prompt and efficient fashion which meets consumers’ expectations.